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Claidmhor Pharma Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales- registered number 7598777




























Welcome To Our Company


Claidmhor Pharma offers comprehensive consulting and technical support to clients in pharma and biotechnology, from virtual start-ups to mega-pharma.


Our consultants work intimately as part of your team, with your processes and procedures. in your offices or on-line.


We bring

  • typically over 20 years experince, and many consultants and associates with over 30 years, in our industry
  • proven experience in R&D, Product Development, Industrialisation, Manufacturing, Quality and Regulatory Affairs
  • a friendly and flexible approach
  • anywhere your business needs us to be, including e.g our experience in sourcing in Far East
  • experience at senior management and board level, including strategic reviews and major re-structuring after mergers and acquiitions
  • proven project management of product transfers, new product or technology industrialisation
  • experience managing major capital projects for new or refurbished facilites, to 100M
  • Project team development and training
  • Product and process trouble shooting and technical support, including Lean Six Sigma techniques
  • Product registration strategy or technical support for  EU, US and Japan
  • Interim management and training, coaching of staff in specialist areas of R&D,  Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sourcing and Outsourcing


All of these services have been applied to small molecules, peptides and proteins, including recombinant and natural proteins, e.g botulinum toxins. 


Products for oral, injectable, inhalation and complex delivery systems and devices are at the core of our team's experience.


Moving from product ideas, through feasibility studies, to fastest entry into human studies, and rapid proof of concept, and later stage development and regulatory filings and approvals, to life cycle management, are all stages we have experience to offer.


If you have an interesting problem, or need interim management, or support and advice then contact


Miike Dey, Managing Director on +44 1270 759459



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